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At home: toy rotation

I know today a lot of parents will be panicking. It’s Day 1 of #homeschooling for many. But it doesn’t have to be as scary, rigid and stressful as you think! As long as your kiddies are happy and healthy.. that’s what matters ❤️ please stay safe and well!

I wanted to share with you a new ‘thing’ we’re doing with Joey. It’s a form of Toy Rotation. Now, Joey has lots of toys as he's very spoilt by our amazing family 🥰 and of course our sensory stock. But sometimes having access to all of them means he neglects some toys and we forget he even has them!

So, to help with that we are using our IKEA Kallax unit (who HASN’T got one!?) in the best possible way... We’re allocating one square each couple of days to a different theme. The theme this time? Music!

He’s been SO into his letters, words and numbers that I thought it was about time he got into music again! I picked out a few items that I know he used to enjoy - his xylophone, egg shakers*, wooden rattle*, bell rattle*, piano, tambourine and milk bottle shaker and put them in one of the squares. I arranged the items so that he could easily grab what he wanted and see exactly what is in there.

Over the coming weeks and months I hope to do a few more 'feature' squares in our Kallax like this, hopefully it will capture his imagination and lead to him being excited when he comes downstairs and sees that the square has changed!

Lauren & Joey x

*Items from our sensory boxes

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