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Focus on: ribbon rings

One of our homemade ribbon rings was the first sensory toy we introduced to Zack. Being baby #2, we already had a sense of what sensory toys we'd enjoy playing with the most with him. At only 3 weeks old, our ribbon ring went everywhere with us. In those first few weeks, when everything is so up in the air, and you're still spending so much time recovering and getting to know the new baby in your arms, it's hard to even contemplate playing with your baby. We found that after that first month, it became a bit easier. Having a ribbon ring on the bedside table or in a changing bag meant that it was always on hand whenever a playful mood seemed to take him.

When he'd wake in the middle of the night for feeds, he'd often either struggle with colic or be wide awake, wanting to play! We found that due to his reflux too, it was helpful to keep him upright after feeds, so keeping him awake for a little while was always more ideal.