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Homemade sensory: the cereal box

Entertaining toddlers is... hard at the best of times. Let alone when you've just welcomed a new baby who is incredibly noisy. I don't say that lightly. Joey was a noisy, grumpy baby. But he was our first so we knew no better. Zack however... even noisier and even grumpier! This newborn phase, whilst we obviously knew it'd be hard, has knocked us for 6 at times and during lockdown... well it's been a struggle. So naturally, entertaining Joey has sometimes been harder than normal. Luckily, he's a fairly independent toddler and has a real curiosity for problem solving - I've yet to give him a puzzle he refuses to solve!

At the moment I feel like I'm being pulled between Joey and Zack, between nappy changes, feeding and playing, it's hard to get a moment's peace. Or a cup of tea (hot anyway!). Well, I had a quick flash of brilliance the other day whilst unloading the food shop...

Whilst I was putting the cardboard boxes in our recycling bin, I accidentally knocked a pasta bag on the floor (I'll blame post-partum clumsy hormones!) and I suddenly remembered a game that I'd seen in The Five Minute Mum's book. I quickly punched some holes in the front of the box and grabbed a few pieces of pasta. I then put the on the dining table and watched Joey's curiosity take over.

I didn't tell him what to do, I waited for him to ask and for him to explore it himself. 30 minutes later... I'd finished my cup of tea and was onto unloading the dishwasher! All whilst Joey put the pieces of pasta through the box, emptied it, shouted 'hooray!' and started all over again.

Absolute genius!

Lauren, Joey & Zack x

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