This new bubble toy is all the rage at the moment! It's a great fidget toy for all ages, and makes a discrete 'pop' noise when the bubbles are pressed. It's great for babies to explore a new texture, and will keep your toddler entertained as they turn it over and over again once they've popped all the bubbles! You can even play games using the bubble toy - try seeing who can pop all the bubbles quickest, or make a certain pattern in the bubbles.


It works well for adults too who enjoy fidget toys - they're a great way to boost creativity and productivity. 


Made of soft silicone, they are water resistant and can be easily washed in soapy water. They flex nicely in your hands, and are super lightweight. 


Colour: yellow


This toy is recommended for ages 3 and upwards, however if wanting to play with those under 3, adult supervision is required at all times.

Bubble toy - Shipping Included!

  • This product is suitable to use with children age 3 and upwards, if using with a child younger than this, supervise at all times. Discontinue to use if product becomes damaged.