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It's the most wonderful time of the year! Our Christmas Sensory Boxes went down a treat last year, so this year, we're bringing them back... but with a whole host of different items, we're so excited! They are extra special this year, as 10% of proceeds go to the charity SANDS.


PLUS the first 20 orders will receive an extra item as a gift!


Your box will be giftwrapped as standard in Christmas theme wrap (you can pick from 3 different designs!), and the box label is personalised with your little one's name(s).


Our Christmas Sensory Box comes with the following items:


1 x light up maraca

A firm favourite in our household, turn this maraca on using the handy button on the side to see the colours change from blues to reds. Your little one will love the transitions, and it's a great tool for encouraging eye strengthening movements for small babies. Use the maraca like a wand and wave it from side to side. For older ones, you can get them to shake the maraca themseles, listening to the noise it makes and watching the lights.



1 x stretch tube

These stretch tubes are great for all sorts of play, from using in the bath, to simply trying to make noises with them! Stretch them out as far as you can in front of your little one, push it all back together and see if they can copy you. They make great pretend telescopes too! 


1 x GOLD and silver foil blanket

This year we decided to put a spin on our foil blankets and include ones with a gold side, making it extra Christmassy. When placing baby on top of the foil blanket, they will likely kick around and swing their arms around, listening to the crinkly noises around them as they do so. It's always a great activity for videos and helps them develop awareness of their bodies!


1 x gold tipped feather

These gold tipped feathers really are special, not only do they feel great when you tickle your little ones toes, but they look fantastic too. The contrast in colours will really intrigue small babies, they're perfect for playing games or singing songs that involve tickling parts of their body. For older ones, they can imagine they are painting with the feather, try getting them to paint 'in the sky' whilst you try and guess what they are painting. 


1 x pom pom

These hand held pom poms are always fun, the rustling noise really does grab the attention of babies, and they're great for playing peekaboo with. Older ones can try and copy a cheerleading routine that you think up, or you can hide different items underneath and see if they can guess what they are!


1 x wrist bell rattle

When testing the items out at home, these were a clear favourite for my eldest, Joey who is 2, and my youngest, 6 months loved them too. They may seem quite big for little ones to start with, but they offer plenty of opportunity for sensory development - from boosting concentration to improving eye muscles as babies watch the rattles move from side to side on their wrists, or yours! These are great to involve older siblings with, or for parents and carers to use to interact with baby.


1 x crinkle ball

These crinkle balls do a great job reflecting light, whilst also making a lovely noise when squashed. For small babies, these would be perfect for some tummy time, on top of the foil blanket. For older ones, they will really enjoy holding and throwing them, they make a great sound.


1 x cinnamon stick & dried orange slice

What's that? We have something for your little one to smell again this year? Yes! Possibly one of the most recognisable smells of Christmas, we've introduced a cinnamon stick and a dried orange slice (in a little hessian bag) for your little one to sniff and explore as they take in all the other toys in their box too.


1 x gingerbread house scented bubble tube

A twist on our popular bubble tubes featured in other sensory boxes, these bubbles have the added scent of gingerbread to introduce your little one to a new, festive smell. Not only do they smell great, but bubbles also help develop their problem solving skills when they discover they pop! They also help with concentration and eye strength as they watch them float around.


(colours may vary to the ones shown in photographs)


Your box also includes a handy 'guide' on how to use the toys with your baby to boost their development, as well as suggested ideas for other festive sensory toys!


*** 10% of the proceeds from this box will go to the charity SANDS, your box will come with an information leaflet about the charity.  ***

Christmas Sensory Box 2021 - Shipping included!

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  • The products in your box are suitable to use with newborn babies, however you should always supervise the use of the products and if any item breaks then please discontinue to use the item. 

    Product colours may vary from the ones shown in the photograph.