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Your Naturals Sensory Box contains eight items that will stimulate your baby's senses! The focus of this box is the 'touch' sense, with the items as follows:


1 x cotton flannel

Whether it's wet or dry, the feeling of flannels can vary massively. These are great to introduce at bathtime as a play opportunity rather than just for cleaning! Try hiding other bath toys underneath, or demonstrating to your little one how different it can feel when wet or dry. 


1 x mini wooden rolling pin

A real favourite for us, these mini rolling pins are great to use in pretend play with items such a play doh. But they can also be used when your little ones show an interest in movement of objects. Does your little ones love wheels? Well this is one big wheel! Get your little one to try copying you when you roll it on the floor, and talk about the different textures you are rolling. 


1 x loofah

Typically used to exfoliate skin, these loofahs can fascinate little ones due to the rough texture and how unusual it looks. With a little rope for hanging, your little one will enjoy carrying this around and rubbing it against all sorts of things. It's great for little fingers to touch and to try fitting other things inside!


1 x colourful yarn ring 

These handmade rings are a spin on our classic ribbon rings. The variety of colours on our handmade ribbon ring will mesmerise baby as you dangle it front of them, encouraging their curiosity and helping their concentration levels.


1 x mini wooden spoon 

From mixing games to pretend eating games, these spoons are brilliant for exploring all sorts of activities. Our favourite is to hide them in a fabric bag and to get your little one to feel around and guess what it could be! 


3 x wooden pegs 

Pegs are a classic toy for boosting dextrerity and fine motor skills. These ones don't require any pinching (no springs) so will simply slide onto whatever you want. We enjoy pegging flannels onto a pretend washing line (or real!) or even using them for make believe play and pretending they are people!


1 x pastry brush 

Typically used to brush egg onto the top of scones, these brushes are fantastic to use in a variety of ways. From using to actually paint items, to tickling your little ones toes, you're sure to get lots of fun out of these! 


1 x sisal pad

Usually used in the shower to exfoliate your body, these pads are great for introducing yet another texture to touch! The rough side is brilliant for little fingers to explore, it can be used to brush lightly against body parts to increase awareness of different parts.


Your box also includes a handy guide on how to use the toys with your baby to boost their development. 

(colours and designs may vary to the ones shown in photographs)

The Naturals Sensory Box

PriceFrom £16.95
Gift-wrap options (ONLY for personalised option)
  • The products in your box are suitable to use with newborn babies, however you should always supervise the use of the products and if any item breaks then please discontinue to use the item. 

    Product colours may vary from the ones shown in the photograph.

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