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For the first time ever, we're combining our three favourite newborn sensory gifts to create a newborn bundle including our personalised and gift-wrapped Premium Sensory Box for Babies, our A4 Sensory Prints and our 'I Love Sensory Play' bodysuit.


A4 Sensory Prints:

Our unique A4 Sensory Prints make the perfect addition to your little one's nursery, or your child's bedroom or playroom.


Did you know that when a baby is born, their retina isn't fully developed? This means that they can only detect contrast between light and dark. As the cells responsible for detecting colour start to mature, and babies start off with blurry vision, newborns will often find it easier to see things in black and white (as it offers the most obvious contrast). 


During their awake hours, their eyes will begin to strengthen, whether that's from looking at your face and their surroundings, or beginning sensory play. 


By the age of 4 months, a baby's eyes are a little more practised when it comes to moving at the same time, but before then you may see them go a little cross eyed! 


There's lots of research out there to show that different types of patterns are preferred by babies at different ages. From birth, babies love looking at lines, from 2 months old they will prefer rounder shapes, and by 4 months old they may be able to identify odd ones out in patterns. Amazing! 


Framing: Our prints do not include frames.

Paper quality: These prints are professionally printed on 200GSM paper with a silk finish.

Packaging: Our prints are packaged in a cellophane sleeve, and a cardboard mailer. 

Size available: A4



The Premium Sensory Box for Babies:


PLEASE NOTE that our bell rattle has been discontiuned, we now include a pair of wrist rattles. Please see description below. 

1 x wooden rattle

Rattles are perfect to increase baby's auditory awareness as well as develop their motor skills when grasping and reaching for them.


1 pair of wrist rattles

They may seem quite big for little ones to start with, but they offer plenty of opportunity for sensory development - from boosting concentration to improving eye muscles as babies watch the rattles move from side to side on their wrists, or yours! These are great to involve older siblings with, or for parents and carers to use to interact with baby.

1 x coloured chiffon scarf

Playing peekaboo, or similar games, with baby and this scarf, baby will increase their communication skills and their eye muscles whilst they focus on the bright colours.

1 x handmade ribbon ring

The variety of colours on our handmade ribbon ring will mesmerise baby as you dangle it front of them, encouraging their curiosity and helping their concentration levels.

1 x bubble tube

Who doesn't love bubbles! Most babies absolutely love the surprise of seeing bubbles, it helps develop their problem solving skills when they discover they pop!

1 x foil blanket

When placing baby on top of the foil blanket, they will likely kick around and swing their arms around, listening to the crinkly noises around them as they do so. Always a great one for videos and helps them develop awareness of their bodies.

1 x coloured feather

Feathers are a great way for babies to learn about parts of their bodies - playing tickling games is a winner!

1 x red folding paper fan

Multifunctional, especially on a warm day! The fan is great for babies to grasp themselves but also help discover the feelings of hot and cold.

1 x flashing spiky ball

We highly recommend this for tummy time - place it in front of baby as they lie on their front and watch them try to reach for it and enjoy the flashing lights.

Your box also includes a handy guide on how to use the toys with your baby to boost their development, as well as suggested ideas for other sensory toys and how to fit sensory play into your daily routine!


PLUS our brand new 'I Love Sensory Play' Bodysuit! Age 0-3 months. Beautifully soft, 100% cotton bodysuit! 

(colours and designs may vary to the ones shown in photographs)

The Newborn Bundle

Gift-wrap options for bundle
  • The products in your box are suitable to use with newborn babies, however you should always supervise the use of the products and if any item breaks then please discontinue to use the item. 

    Product colours may vary from the ones shown in the photograph.

    The prints are professionally printed on 200GSM paper with a silk finish. Prints do not come with frames. 

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