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The Ultimate Sensory Boxes...

Whether you're looking for sensory toys to recreate sensory play at home and on the move with your baby, or whether you're looking for an introduction to sensory and fidget play, our sensory boxes have been put together with you in mind.

Finlay playing with bell rattle

Finlay's Mum, Surrey

“It’s great to watch Finlay continue enjoying sensory play at home; it means we don’t just have to do sensory play once a week at the classes we attend. The box comes with us wherever we go, it’s great to be able to continue his routine wherever we are!”


Our Happy Customers

Jackson enjoying sensory box
Elsie-Rose enjoying bell rattle and ribbon ring
Joey and sensory box toys
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Who We Are

We are a family run business based in Derby (previously Nottingham!) providing sensory boxes for families across the country who want to continue sensory play with babies at home, plus those who want to explore fidget play. We were thought up by Mummy, Lauren. Daddy, Danny, helps out during the evenings and weekends. We have two very important helpers in the form of Joey (2.5 years old) and Zack (8 months old).


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