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Bonding with your baby through play

Since having our son 16 months ago, I found the baby world we'd been catapulted into completely overwhelming. No matter how much research I'd done, no matter how many books I'd read, no matter how much advice I'd been given... I didn't feel as prepared as I thought I should have been. I felt like the only one going through this; and I now know that that's 100% not the case. So many new parents struggle in those first few weeks and months, but hardly any really talk about it. And I mean, really talk about it. There are lots of struggles that we all face; but for me it was bonding.

The combination of an early, traumatic birth and other stressful factors (a house move to name one!) meant that I felt I was struggling to bond with Joey. I often felt confused about my new life; conflicted by who I was now. The guilt I felt for not having that one magical moment that