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Breaking News: Product price changes!

For the last year, I've been getting more and more frustrated with the price increases that I've faced as a small business. I've swallowed these into the product cost (reducing already small profits) over the years but with the changes in 2023... this is no longer doable.

The biggest change in costs that simply won't come back down to normal levels, is the price of postage. I was previously using Royal Mail where costs are about to increase from around £3.60 per first class posting to over £4.10. For a 'service' that no longer represents good value for money; it's time to change. The reliability of the service has taken a shocking decline over the last year and now my sympathy and understanding has evaporated. Parcels being delayed or even lost, when prices are already extortionate, is simply unforgivable. Let alone RM then not making good on finding lost items or compensating for them.

I polled my instagram and Facebook followers on what they would prefer to see from me, and of the over 800 people that took part in the poll, an overwhelming 83% of people wanted postage to be listed se

parately. This has been a shock to me as it's not how I like to buy things online! However, I've listened.

So, I'm making two new changes:

  • We are switching provider to Evri - I know they are not perfect either but I've put off changing for long enough, and they come highly rated by several other small businesses.

  • Prices on the website will no longer have postage included. This is so I can be as transparent as possible about what costs are from me, and what costs are simply from another provider. It's meant that prices for the products have reduced from your point of view and that actually postage pricing has reduced. Win-win.

I've also had feedback that the 7 day lead time to get items shipped is 'too long', and I'm doing what I can to reduce that. However, being a stay at home mum, juggling two boys at nursery and at school, has meant routines and expectations have taken a battering recently!

Ultimately, our sensory boxes for toddlers and autistic people will not change. Just the price (cheaper) and the postage (more reliable). Our sensory play ideas, blogs, social posts etc will not change either, in fact maybe I'll have more time to spend on these seeing as I won't be chasing up a failing postal service!

Lauren x

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