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Which Sensory Box is right for you?

It's one of our most commonly asked questions, just which box should you choose for your own little one or for that special baby in your life? There's no easy way to make that decision, but I do tend to have recommendations, which I've listed below...


Ideal for: The newborn that you're looking to spoil!

Are you looking for a gift box to spoil the new baby in your life? Our Newborn Bundle is the perfect option - it all comes gift-wrapped and personalised (with baby's name!) and is great value. Not only do you get our best-selling Premium Sensory Box for babies, but our new (and super soft) 'I love sensory play' bodysuit is included, as well as our popular set of 3 A4 Sensory Prints.

Best item: A4 Sensory Prints - the perfect addition to baby's room that looks stylish and stimulates their vision and boost eye strength.

"This bundle has been ideal to show my nephew just how much his arrival means to us, it was beautifully wrapped and had something for them all to enjoy!"

- Dexter's Aunty

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Ideal for: Exploring sensory play with your baby

If you're yet to try sensory play with your own little one, or you're looking to continue sensory play at home after visiting some classes; our best-selling Premium Sensory Box for Babies is the ideal starter kit. Containing 9 items to stimulate your baby's senses and boost their development, it really does include everything you need from day one. It's perfect for your baby's first year, as you'll see them use and interact different items in different ways as they grow!

Best item: Foil blanket - A brilliant item to pair with fairy lights or flashing lights to create a little space themed den!

“It’s great to watch Finlay continue enjoying sensory play at home; it means we don’t just have to do sensory play once a week at the classes we attend. The box comes with us wherever we go, it’s great to be able to continue his routine wherever we are!”

- Finlay's Mum

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Ideal for: 1 year olds!

First birthdays are sometimes incredibly tricky to buy for - just what do you get the baby in your life who is just about to turn the big 1? Well, our First Birthday Sensory Box ticks all the boxes you need. It comes personalised and gift-wrapped, it further develops baby's love of sensory play and is a great addition to a never-ending pile of presents which usually include clothes and teddies! This fun box has lots of flashing lights and tonnes of new textures to explore.

Best item: Flashing spinner wand - The spinning lights will delight your little one and boost their curiosity!

"First birthdays are hard to shop for; so knowing that my little one was definitely going to enjoy some sensory play in the months after she turned one, really made my heart feel warm and fuzzy, especially as she'd previously been gifted a Premium Sensory Box!"

- Tori's Mum

Order here:


Ideal for: Energetic toddlers, in particular siblings

Our music themed Toddler Sensory Box is absolutely perfect for toddlers who are looking to explore their musical sides. These toys give your little one the chance to explore both their voices and also instruments, as well as boosting their fine motor skills and communication skills. It's the perfect box to share between siblings, or to give to a toddler for their 3rd birthday! The My Day CD Book, which features the vocals of Newton Faulkner, are a welcome change for parents when it comes to kids music!

Best item: My Day CD Book - From car journeys to kitchen discos, these songs are perfect for kids AND adults.

"This box has been perfect to give to my daughter when her little brother was born. It meant she could play independently whilst I looked after her brother and I really enjoyed watching her! The My Day album is absolutely brilliant and one that will come with us everywhere!"

- Aisha's Mum

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Ideal for: Babies with parents who prefer a more neutral colour palette

For the last year or so, we've been asked by parents about when we will launch a more neutral box which features more sustainable toys. And now our Naturals Sensory Box has launched! This box contains eight items that will stimulate your baby's senses! The focus of this box is the 'touch' sense, so it's a great box to build more structured play alongside. It's perfect for parents who are looking for more muted colours for their play rooms, as well as less plastic. With items like a mini wooden rolling pin and wooden pegs, there are lots of opportunities to pair touch exploration with fine motor skills development.

Best item: Sisal pad - The different textures on each side will intrigue your little one. It's a great one to use in the bath too!

"I'd been looking for a more neutral colour palette of toys for my twins and this box has really ticked that box. It's also given me so many ideas about what household items we can use in our daily sensory play. I also love that there's no plastic!"

- Tilly & Jack's Mum

Get it here:


Ideal for: SEND adults and children looking to explore fidget play

Sensory play is a big topic in the SEND world, with 'fidget play' being a booming trend at the moment. Our Autism Sensory Box launched to celebrate World Autism Awareness Week in 2019 and became so popular that they are permanently in our shop. Featuring a variety of fidget and sensory toys, these boxes are for older children (age 8 and up) and adults on the autism spectrum. Our fidget toys help reduce stress, anxiety and boost productivity and concentration. We've found that these toys can also help those with conditions such as ADD and ADHD, and the label can be adjusted accordingly (just drop us an email!).

Best item: Fidget cube - Always popular, these cubes are great for boosting concentration and helping with habits like nail biting.

"Being autistic, I've really enjoyed getting to know the items in this box, it's helped me hone my stimming style and has been beneficial to my autistic son too. The quality of these items is great, and for my son the chewy bangle is the best we've come across."

- Steve

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