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How to... fit it all in

As a mum of one (and a very active one at that!) I'm often asked how I 'fit it all in'. How do I raise a child, run a business and still find time for myself? Well, as we found out recently, as of April next year, we'll soon be raising two children! We're delighted we're expanding our family, and count ourselves very lucky to be able to do so. But it did spark utter fear as to how we'll manage, as well as the awe of all those parents who have gone before us who have had more than one child!

So, what are my top tips for motherhood and 'fitting it all in'? Of course, these strategies may completely change between now and when baby #2 is here! But I'm sharing my tips that may help those of you who might be feeling overwhelmed at whatever stage of parenthood you're at. But don't be fooled - a lot of the time I don't 'fit it all in'! Sometimes things fall by the way side, sometimes you just need a duvet day - and that is completely okay!

1. Take a step back - We've all been there... your little one won