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Maintaining your sensory toys

After some social posts recently by a consumer testing organisation, who highlighted unsafe sensory boxes being sold on eBay (not by us!), we've decided to list below exactly what we do in terms of product testing to ensure that the toys going into our boxes are as safe as they can be. As a parent myself, I'm incredibly aware that safety is at the forefront of every parent and carers mind where babies and children are concerned.

Babies should NEVER be left alone with any toy, regardless of safety checks that have happened or guarantees that brands purport to have. Just as a baby should never be left alone with unsafe bedding, an animal, or indeed strangers, a baby should NEVER be without a responsible adult when playing. We expect that these sensory toys are used primarily BY an adult, WITH a baby rather than a baby by themselves.

All our stock is purchased from reputable sellers (not eBay sellers - except for our coloured feathers and bows for gift-wrapping). Typically, items are purchased at a premium price compared to our 'competitors'. Where there are slight defects in any product, items are disposed of or returned to the supplier for a refund or replacement. Over the years we have made tweaks to both suppliers and the way we present information on our products. This includes using alternative suppliers when we're not happy with the quality of items and the introduction of safety warnings on our boxes and in our guides, to ensure that we are as clear as we can be when it comes to using the toys included in our sensory boxes.

There are times when items may make it into our boxes that are not of the high standard we expect and strive to. This may occur due to human error, or during transit after we have passed our parcel to mail carriers. Where that happens, we replace and/or refund items when we are contacted, and investigate how it occurred. Typically if an item breaks within the first 30 days, we would ask that you contact us so we can replace them as that's not the quality we expect. If an item has been used frequently, you are encouraged to check the item for wear and tear and discard of it if the quality deteriorates.

Ultimately, if we feel that we'd be unhappy receiving an item in the condition that it's in; then it won't make