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Baby Shower Gift Boxes have arrived!

Finally! My favourite days are those where I launch a brand new product for everyone. It's great to hear feedback and of course see all the new orders fly off our shelves.

So, our latest product is our Baby Shower Gift Box. They make the perfect gift to take along to baby showers of friends, family and colleagues. Full of the same brilliant toys as our premium boxes, they also have a few tweaks to make them extra special including...

❤️ Coloured tissue paper (pink, blue or yellow)

❤️ Gift wrap including 'baby boy', 'baby girl' or gender neutral 'baby shower'

❤️ 'Baby' confetti inside

❤️ Colour co-ordinated gift box

❤️ A note card for your special message

The great news is that the first 50 orders will be eligible to win a pack of Tommee Tippee Mini Moments Milestone Cards. The cards are great fun for new parents - on the one side they have your typical milestone, for example 'today I am 6 months old!'. But on the back... they have some honest milestones for parents, for example 'I kept my parents awake all night!'. Perfect for baby's memory boxes, but also parent's instagram feeds ❤️

We've already had amazing feedback from our product testers on these; so we can't wait to hear what others think too!

Lauren x

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