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Christmas 2022 is just around the corner...

So we thought it was about time we launch our Christmas Sensory Box for this year! With the help of my boys, Joey (4) and Zack (2), plus a few other younger helpers, we've selected 9 amazingly fun sensory items to play with. Every year I'm so proud to work on these, even if they've been a little late this year! I've listed next to each item who it's been a favourite for in our family and a little sentence as to why... enjoy!

What's included:

1 x ribbon stick (Joey's favourite)

A twist on our traditional ribbon ring, this easy-to-hold ribbon stick will fascinate your baby as they try to move it from side-to-side! With Christmassy colours, green and red, it will encourage their curiosity and boost their concentration levels.

"I like that it is twirly, colourful and twirly!" Joey, age 4

1 x silver foil blanket

Once again, we've decided to include these in our special edition box to make it extra Christmassy. When placing baby on top of the foil blanket, they will likely kick around and swing their arms around, listening to the crinkly noises around them as they do so. It's always a great activity for videos and helps them develop awareness of their bodies!

1 x pine scented bubble tube

Who doesn't love bubbles! Most babies absolutely love the surprise of seeing bubbles, it helps develop their problem solving skills when they discover they pop! These bubbles come with the added Christmas bonus of smelling line Christmas trees, we love them here!

1 x bell ball (Zack's favourite)

We love to include balls in our sensory boxes as little ones love them! From grasping them, to throwing them, to rattling them, your baby will enjoy exploring the sensory elements of this jinglyjangly ball!

"It's noisy! I LOVE it!" Zack, age 2

1 x hand bell (my favourite)

This year, we're including these lovely hand bells that will remind you of school days! Rather than ringing to signal the end of the day, you can ring this bell to signal the start of sensory play time! Your little one will enjoy trying to hold these to make a noise too!

"These are great for grown ups and littles to hold, with a really Christmassy sound." Lauren (Mum)

1 x pine cone

Pine cones are great for tummy time for young ones in particular. They look great, especially when placed on a foil blanket as your little one kicks around and looks at the world around them. Let your baby feel the textures (but don't let them put it in their mouth) as they explore the wonderful winteryness!

1 x kazoo

Normally for older toddlers, kazoos can be a great addition to sensory play for babies - it's more for grown ups to use but babies LOVE the sound! Try putting on some Christmas tunes and playing along if you can, pair with the bells too!

1 x folding paper fan

These fans are super multifunctional, especially when the warm days return! The fan is great for babies to grasp themselves but also help discover the feelings of hot and cold.

1 x red feather (Dad's favourite)

An absolute classic for sensory play - feathers are a great way for babies to learn about parts of their bodies by playing tickling games! They also help boost problem solving skills as babies will expect these to be spiky to touch, but when they do.. they are super soft!

"I always love how babies and kids respond to feathers, so fun and these are so vibrant!" Dad

Your box also includes a handy 'guide' on how to use the toys with your baby to boost their development, as well as suggested ideas for other festive sensory toys! They also come personalised and gift-wrapped as standard, so they make the perfect choice of gift for the little one in your life.

Lauren & Family x

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