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Introducing: The Toddler Sensory Box!

"This box is absolutely amazing, even my 8 year old daughter loved it and wants one for herself! It helped us create opportunities to play together as a family. It gets used every day!"


This has been a long time coming… from the first time I saw how much Joey connected with musical instruments, to the first time I listened to 'My Day' by My Moozik (we’re big Newton Faulkner fans in this house)… launching this box is an absolute dream - I hope you all enjoy it as much as we do!

📈We recently surveyed parents with toddlers and found that 84% of them struggled with finding ways to entertain their child, with many finding it difficult to cater to the needs of multiple siblings of varying ages.

🎁This box of toys has been specifically designed in collaboration with other parents and their children, to find a way of helping with these struggles!

🧸Sensory play for toddlers usually involves them being the ones taking the reins and guiding an activity based on what they are enjoying the most, and from what parents told us.. music is their favourite!🎵🎶🎤

So, here's the all important list of what's included:

🎁The 'My Day' CD and lyric book by MyMoozik

🎁A tambourine

🎁A triangle and beater

🎁A wrist rattle

🎁A wooden maraca

🎁A kazoo

🎁An inflatable microphone

(Plus an all important guide for using your brand new toys)

Boxes can be personalised with your little ones name (or multiple names for siblings) and gift wrapped with a message. Find out more about the box, and get yours here.

Can’t wait to share more photos and info with you all!

Lauren, Joey & Zack x

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