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Introducing: The Toddler Sensory Box!

"This box is absolutely amazing, even my 8 year old daughter loved it and wants one for herself! It helped us create opportunities to play together as a family. It gets used every day!"


This has been a long time coming… from the first time I saw how much Joey connected with musical instruments, to the first time I listened to 'My Day' by My Moozik (we’re big Newton Faulkner fans in this house)… launching this box is an absolute dream - I hope you all enjoy it as much as we do!

📈We recently surveyed parents with toddlers and found that 84% of them struggled with finding ways to entertain their child, with many finding it difficult to cater to the needs of multiple siblings of varying ages.

🎁This box of toys has been specifically designed in collaboration with other parents and their children, to find a way of helping with these struggles!