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Breaking news: Christmas Sensory Boxes are now available!

Christmas is coming! Our Christmas Boxes are finally available to pre-order, with shipping beginning mid-November. This year, we've partnered with My Moozik, an album for kids written by double-platinum selling artist (and my favourite artist) Newton Faulkner!

When deciding on themes for this year’s box, I was drawn to music as I've seen first hand with both my children how much of a positive impact it can have on baby and child development. 

Music has always been something I’ve enjoyed, as has my husband - with us frequently going to a variety of concerts over the years (including seeing Newton Faulkner 5 times). And it’s hopefully something we’re passing on to our two boys. Not a day goes by where we don’t have music on in our house! But with the music options out there at the moment, it’s sometimes hard to find something that doesn’t make us want to tear our hair out after a few listens (“Baby Shark” anyone?!). So when I discovered Newton Faulkner had written songs for children, I just had to reach out and see how we could work together.

My Moozik is a venture headed by Lottie Faulkner, the sister and manager of Newton Faulkner. The album, ‘My Day’, and beautifully illustrated singalong lyric book are included in the Christmas Sensory Box. It features songs that aim to bridge the gap between nursery rhymes and inappropriate pop songs. Newton wrote the album with his older brother, Toby Faulkner and friend Jimmy Sims. 

Lottie says, “We wanted to create an album of very high quality music that kids and grown ups can enjoy together that hopefully also makes those (often tough) jobs such as making friends, eating greens and going to bed, just that little bit easier."

With songs including ‘Everybody loves breakfast’, ‘Where’s my other sock?’ and ‘What’s your favourite colour?’, it’s already a real favourite in many households up and down the country with music loving grown ups and children alike. 

Dr. Rosanna Edey, a researcher in developmental neuropsychology, says, "We sometimes forget that children's brains work very differently to adults, which can make simple tasks seem much harder. All through childhood their brains are busily absorbing information from their environments as they build a neural network to help them make sense of everything around them. Music is an ideal way to engage children and help them learn. The complex and varied songs in "My Moozik" are therefore not only more interesting to the developing brain, but it also helps to scaffold a route and teaches some important social lessons.”

With our own lockdown baby, Zack, now being 6 months old, I've been able to try out the new Christmas Sensory Box toys on both him and Joey, who is now 2 and a half. The box includes other musical themed items, such as wrist bell rattles, wooden maracas and a foil blanket. The box also has a few festive additions, including a gingerbread scented bubble tube, cinnamon sticks and a Christmas themed Sensory Card pack from another Nottingham business, Priya & Peanut.

Lauren, Joey & Zack x

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