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Breaking news: we have newly designed BOXES!

For months we've been considering changing our sensory box design, and we've been umming and arring for a while as to what they should look like, what size they should be etc. Well, the wait is over...

For the last few weeks we've been using our new boxes, and we've had amazing feedback! Each sensory box now has a nice large label on the front, personalised or not. And it also includes some information on the back of the box about the contents.

The contents of the boxes remain the same; but the boxes themselves now look even better and more professional. Such is the effect of the change of the design of the boxes that we've had interest from retailers to have our boxes stocked (locally). So, if you run or know a small business that may wish to stock our boxes, get in touch!

Take a look at our video above and let us know what you think by emailing

Lauren x

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