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How I came up with our sensory boxes for babies...

Joey helping with the first lot of orders for our baby sensory boxes
Joey helping with the first lot of orders for our baby sensory boxes

Not so long ago, if Mums and Dads wanted to put together a box of sensory toys for their little one, they'd have to trawl the internet for hours and pay over the odds. But now, with The Sensory Box Company, that is completely solved.

When I first started going to sensory classes (I'd tried a few to find one we really enjoyed), I decided I needed to create a box of toys for Joey for when we were at home. Why? To continue his learning whilst we were at home. Once a week just wasn't enough, he started to need more entertaining in between his feeds and naps. Plus, his reactions in class were amazing, and the opportunity for cheesy photos for his 18th birthday seemed too good to miss.

So, like any new Mum or Dad, I took to Amazon, eBay and every other online store you can imagine, and found that the sensory toys I could buy were overpriced or in bulk orders. It was a frustrating struggle to find the product that I really needed, especially that was affordable on maternity pay.

Being a member of a few Mums groups on Facebook, I asked the question that was burning in my mind... "Why don't pre-made boxes exist?" And I was met with enthusiasm and support for this burgeoning business idea.

I put together a few sample boxes and had quickly sold out just through the Facebook groups I was part of.

I've always wanted to start my own business, and thought that maternity leave was going to provide the best opportunity to do so - but little did I know just how time consuming a small baby can be. Joey is 6 months old now, and affords me a fair few hours in the day now where he's not after a feed, nappy change or play time. His routine has become a bit more predictable, and boy is he becoming helpful at product testing!

Lauren x

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