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We're shortlisted in The Baby Awards 2020!

It's safe to say that 2020 has been an incredibly weird year for us all. Not only because of covid-19 causing massive disruption and heartache around the world. But on a personal level, we've welcomed our 2nd baby boy and boyyyy is he a hurricane! He tried to make repeated early appearances from February onwards, but decided to arrived nearly bang on time at the start of April.

It's been a bit of a headache juggling a newborn, a toddler AND a small business. Especially as I've seen a real boost in business thanks to lockdown, so the orders have been coming through thick and fast at times. All these babies that have been born, like our little Zack, have been absolutely spoilt by families and friends who are desperate to meet them! It's been both heartwarming and heartbreaking to write the messages from people on the gift-cards telling the babies how special they are and how loved they are. What a special but bizarre time to be born!

So it's been a lovely perk that after all this, I've been shortlisted in The Baby Awards 2020! The 'Premium Sensory Box for Babies' has been shortlisted in the 'Best Children's Toy' category. It's a public vote and I'm up against two very popular contenders (including one of Joey's favourites - Orchard Toys!) so every vote counts.

When we were first pregnant with Joey, we found awards for products really useful - especially those that are voted by the public. For other parents to endorse a product really gives other parents peace of mind that they are getting what they need. I know so many other parents do the same thing too.

In the awards themselves there are so many categories, so if you're a recent new parent you can really give your opinion on all sorts from prams, to baby carriers and changing bags!

So... Can I count on your vote?

Lauren x

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