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We've officially got a Celebrity Fan!

Lauren's instagram story about being overwhelmed with orders
Me being completely overwhelmed with orders!

If you've not heard of our biggest fan, Rex, then you clearly aren't following us on Instagram!

A few weeks ago, one of my favourite people in the world, Stacey Solomon, posted about our boxes on her Instagram feed. I sent her and Rex a box months ago, and had begun to see Stacey start to play with Rex over the last few weeks, including whilst I was on holiday with my family (that was a special day!). But when Stacey got in touch asking if I wanted to be part of a competition for her followers, I absolutely jumped at the chance.

Being part of Stacey's first promotion for small businesses has been an absolute whirlwind. Just knowing that so many other parents out there have been exposed to our business has been thrilling. But to see hundreds and hundreds of orders roll in off the back of it... has been nothing short of life-changing. Not only did my phone ping every minute or so with orders, but the website crashed too!

Stacey's competition winner, Caroline, told me, “I felt so lucky to be the winner of Stacey’s competition as all the prizes looked amazing! She was fabulous, sending me a message to congratulate me and letting me know the items would be sent out shortly. Receiving the sensory box was so exciting as Rupert has always enjoyed sensory play from a baby. All the toys were really good quality and the guide that came with it was super handy. My son immediately became attached to the flashing spiky ball and the rattles, they’ve kept him entertained for ages! Lauren provided great service and it’s a fantastic business!”

Stacey and baby Rex playing with their sensory toys
Stacey and baby Rex playing with their sensory toys

For a stay at home mum, who runs this small business in the evenings, I became totally overwhelmed with orders. Suddenly the lead time for orders has become 10 working days. In this day and age of Amazon Prime Next Day Delivery, I know how disappointing that is for lots of people, but as I make my way through all the orders... I know we'll get back to next day dispatch again soon.

To think, just before this happened, I was thinking of shutting up shop. Now I'm getting messages of support every day, photos of babies using my toys every day and questions about the products every hour! It's a good job Joey is starting nursery soon!

I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to all those who have supported me so far, and thank everyone for their patience to this point.

Lauren x

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